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IT SAM or more familiarly IT Sami company was founded in 1999. The entrepreneur and IT specialist Sami has over 15 years of experience in the maintenance of a variety of business IT systems and their development.

Cost-effective operation as well as a stable of mutual trust has guaranteed customers reliable IT systems up to a decade. My personal objective is always to make possible to my clients IT systems cost / efficiency maximization.


IT-Sami´s customers can be found in a diverse range of sectors, such as industry, service sector and trading industries. My goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers.


IT Sami is in close cooperation with the Tommi Tech company. Tommi Tech installs and makes services to air-source heat pumps, as well as doing a variety of different electrical work. In co-operation we have implemented many of our customers needs, the case has been eg. in connection with renovations or relocations of electrical and IT-systems installations.


I will help enhance the companies business through IT. For companies, it is important that the daily IT is operating at 100% efficiency. However, if something unexpected happens, a solution has to be carried out without unnecessary delays. This makes IT-Sami to the best partner for you. With a very rapid schedule, all the problems will be resolved by the long experience in the professional IT-system.

Also, the continuous development of IT systems and continuity of operations is close to the IT-Sami´s heart. When your company has needs to grow or develop IT systems, IT-Sami is excellent partner for this. The offering covers all types of hardware, software or IT development needs of basic or advanced solutions. Whether it´s server solutions, PC / Mac support, software, etc. IT-Sami can be found in all of these.




Business ID: 1568561-2

Phone: 0400-471 118


Skype: IT-Sami_Finland

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